Chapter Locator

Chapter Locator

Locate an ACR Chapter

Welcome to our Iota Phi Theta Chapter Locator designed for the Atlantic Coast Region. Connect with our vibrant community by exploring the map below and discovering chapters in your local area.

How to Use: Navigate the interactive map to find Iota Phi Theta chapters specifically within the Atlantic Coast Region. Each listing provides detailed contact information and essential details. For additional regional inquiries or to get in touch, visit our dedicated Contact page.

Why Choose Iota Phi Theta in the Atlantic Coast Region:

  • Local Impact: Our chapters in the Atlantic Coast Region actively contribute to the local community, making a meaningful impact where it matters.
  • Networking Hub: Join a thriving network of Iota Phi Theta members in the region, fostering connections, friendships, and professional relationships.
  • Regional Initiatives: Stay informed about and participate in regional events, initiatives, and projects led by Iota Phi Theta chapters in the Atlantic Coast Region.

Explore the map, connect with nearby chapters, and be part of the Iota Phi Theta experience in the Atlantic Coast Region. For specific regional inquiries or alternative contact options, please visit our Contact page.